Technical Support

Access the WebMax documentation via the Internet.

End Users: You should contact your local administrator or WebMax reseller for technical support. X23 Technologies does not provide end-user technical support for WebMax. If you are unable to obtain support from your reseller please contact X23 at 1-877-4WEBMAX or and we will refer you to another reseller who can help.

Administrators: You can download and install the latest WebMax documentation set on your server. The current revision number is 19981023 (this is the version installed from the WebMax CD). To check the revision number of your documentation set, log in to WebMax, click on the WebMax logo in the upper left-hand corner, then click Help in the About window that pops up. Scroll to the bottom of the page in the Help window and look for an 8-digit number in the red stripe. If the number is lower than the current revision number above, you should download and install the latest documentation set.