Contact Management On The Web

  The ideal contact management solution to distribute customer information across the entire business enterprise.
  Now your sales agents, marketing personnel, distributors, and managers can easily share a common contact management database
  Accessible through any PC, anywhere, with Netscape 4.0 or Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher.


Enter, modify, and store essential information about all of your customers, prospects, and key contacts. Track addresses, multiple phone numbers, e-mail, and more. Create custom fields to capture whatever information you need.


Maintain a running history of all interactions with your clients. Capture the essence of every sales call, conversation, and service request. Attach text notes to companies and contacts. WebMax automatically time and date stamps each note.


Hot List
Schedule appointments by date and time for contacts and companies. Assign priority ratings and manage your time effectively. Stay on top of your obligations and provide top-notch client service.


Powerful search engine allows you to quickly and easily retrieve WebMax records. Search by: company, contact name, address, zip code, phone number, custom fields, or any combination of fields. Find exactly what you're looking for... fast!

One Contact Manager, Many Solutions...

Remote Sales Offices
WebMax is the ideal solution for companies that maintain sales, marketing, and service personnel in multiple office locations, but need to present a unified image to their customers. For example, a new prospect located in New York City contacts your call center in Boise, Idaho. Your local sales representative in Armonk, NY can immediately access the contact record and schedule a sales call. WebMax eliminates wasted time spent transcribing leads, faxing contact information, and synchronizing data.
Desktop Management
WebMax resides on your network server. Whether you have 10 WebMax users, or 10,000, there is no software to install or maintain on the client machines. Your employees simply point their browsers to your secure WebMax site, log in, and are instantly connected! WebMax makes it easy and cost effective for you to deploy enterprise-wide contact management.
Intranet Contact Management
Share information with your network of vendors, subsidiaries, outsource partners, and suppliers through your corporate intranet. WebMax allows you to set security levels for each type of user so they only have access to the information they need. You gain valuable supply chain information and operational efficiency.

System Requirements:
      Server: Pentium II 233, 64 MB, NT 4.0, Service Pack 3
                 Maximizer Enterprise 4.0 or higher, Maximizer Integrator's Toolkit
      Client: ANY computer (pc, mac, unix) running Netscape 4.0 or higher
                or IE 4.0 or higher