X23 Technologies Releases WebMax™

Announcing New Web Based Contact Management

(Medford, MA) October 26, 1998 - X23 Technologies, an Internet database software development innovator announced the release of WebMax™, an Intranet contact management system for use with Maximizer Enterprise™, available for release immediately.

WebMax, for the first time, allows business professionals to access and manage vital customer information through any PC connected to the Internet or company Intranet. WebMax resides on a company's web server, along with the sales force automation program, Maximizer Enterprise. WebMax users enjoy all the convenience of a full contact management application without the need to install or maintain any additional software on their local workstation. Everyone within an organization, no matter where they are located, can share a common customer management database. Existing Maximizer customers can quickly and easily add WebMax to "web-enable" their Address Books.

"WebMax will allow anyone within the corporate network to access and modify valuable customer information utilizing a thin client application over the Web," said David Sawicki, Maximizer Business Partner. "Gone are the days when the MIS department was burdened with installing and supporting sales automation software on hundreds of individual workstations. All you need is WebMax and Maximizer Enterprise installed on the network server, a Netscape or Microsoft browser for your local machine, and you have real time access from anywhere in the world to your most important client data."

"The market has been searching for a thin client contact management solution as corporations have begun to deploy mission-critical Intranets. WebMax is actually a 'no-client' solution. Our application is ideal because it can be quickly and painlessly implemented across an entire enterprise. There is no software to install on individual machines. This translates into faster roll-out, wider distribution and lower total cost of ownership," said Christian Del Prete, President of X23 Technologies, Inc.

"Multiactive is excited to offer X23's WebMax technology to our customers. This product is both a great add on to the Maximizer Enterprise product line, as well as a contact management Intranet solution of its own," said Stephen Brooks, Director of Product Development, Multiactive Software Inc.

Multiactive Software Inc., a member of the Multiactive Group of companies, is a leading developer and marketer of sales and customer management software, including Maximizer Enterprise, Maximizer, and Tracker. The company has a user base of over one million worldwide. To find out more about Maximizer Enterprise, call 1-800-250-8776 or visit the Maximizer Enterprise Web site at http://www.max-enterprise.com.

X23 Technologies, Inc. (http://www.x23.com) is an advanced research and development firm that specializes in creating products and prototypes for clients. X23 Technologies' innovative products include, QuickSearch and PopPhone to automate and enhance call centers, Hotwords, Web-based context searching, and Internet Directory, an Internet related data product and CD-ROM. Headquartered in Medford, north of Boston, X23 Technologies was conceived in 1995 and can be reached toll-free: 877-4WEBMAX (877-493-2629).

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